WESTON-sub-EDGE Parish Council Meeting – Tuesday 27 June 7.30

To the members of the Parish Council  20 /6 /2023 


  1. To give councillors the opportunity to make declarations of interest on items on the agenda
  2.  To receive notice of absence from councillors
  3. To confirm minutes of the meeting held on 28.05.23 
  4. To receive reports from the county and district councillors
  1.         Planning matters:
  • 23/00691/FUL | Re-opening of a historic access to an agricultural field 
  • Top Farm Weston Subedge, GL55 6QU Ref. No: 22/04339/FUL  & Ref. No: 22/04340/LBC

6.0 Finance
6.1    To receive financial statement and bank reconciliation

6.2 To review the parish council’s asset register and insurance cover for 2023/24

6.3 To review the parish council’s risk assessment and agree actions

6.4 To approve payments due: clerk’s salary for June
Weston Sub Edge Village Hall Hire
Maurice Parkinson Contract Services
Castle Water
Parish Council Websites
Questionnaire boxes

6.5 To receive the internal auditor’s report and approve the annual account 2022/23

6.6 To approve the chairman to sign the annual governance statement 2022/23
6.7 To approve the chairman to sign the accounting statements 2022/23

7.0 To review village matters:
7.1 Heavy Traffic through village, Highways update of maintenance issues & Honeybourne     Cross roads
7.2 Recreation Ground maintenance, inspection record review
7.3 Flood protection
7.4 Communications update – Village Website renewal/rebuild
7.5 Village Improvement projects – Parish questionnaire results
7.6 Village allotments
7.7 Footpaths and Stiles maintenance and improvements
7.8 Village Hall update. Contribution to Solar Project
7.9 Church Orchard update and protection
7.10 Recreation Charity7.11 Education Charity Rep
7.11 Parish Security; Neighbourhood Watch and CCTV surveillance

 8.0 To note matters arising from minutes of previous meetings not covered on the agenda

 9.0 To note correspondence received since last meeting for information


Lucy Print, Forge House, Weston sub Edge, wseparishclerk@gmail.com

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