Following recent car thefts in the village, Parishioners are urged to consider the following advice:

General security :

  1. Motion activated security lights (avoiding nuisance to neighbours)
  2. CC-TV cameras
  3. Burglar alarms
  4. High quality door and window locks.
  5. Securely lock the property when vacating and set burglar alarms
  6. Lock all external buildings/sheds with quality locks

Vehicle security :

  1. Always lock the vehicle.
  2. Park in garage if available
  3. Park in clear view if parked outside
  4. Etch vehicle registration on all windows
  5. Cost effective immobilisers such as steering wheel locks, “Krookloks”, gear lever locks, pedal locks, wheel locks.
  6. Ignition immobilisers
  7. Additional vehicle alarm
  8. Fit a “tracker”
  9. Avoid leaving tools/belongings in the vehicle
  10. Vehicles with keyless entry – secure vehicle keys, including spares in a “Faraday Box/container” to prevent relay attacks by thieves.
  11. Secure vehicle keys in a non-obvious location

If you see any suspicious activities or vehicles in the village then make a note and /or take a photograph with your smartphone. Publicise on Facebook.