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100 Club Winners April & May

The lucky winning numbers for April and May are published in the attached PDF document.

For any further information on the Weston Sub Edge 100 Club please contact

Mini Wes Fes June 22 2024

Mini Wes Fest! Saturday 22 June

Lots to enjoy at the Mini Wes Fes including Stalls, Bouncy Castle, Aunty Sally, Games, Tombola, Crafts, Tea & Cake, Ice-cream, BBQ, Outside Bar, Music. 1.30pm to 5.30

Followed by Live Music 6pm – 10pm

At the Bowling Green and Village Hall Weston Sub Edge

The Great Escaper

The Great Escaper – Rural Cinema

The Great Escaper, a moving story and terrific performances from Caine and Glenda Jackson, is the film is showing at the Rural Cinema, Thursday 23 May. Starts 7.30pm.  Tickets on the night £5.00. Why not book for dinner at the Village Bar beforehand?

Builder in at Village Hall poster

What’s been going on at the Village Hall?

A lot has been going on at your village hall over the last few months.

With thanks to:

  • some very kind villagers who gave donations,
  • which helped to secure almost £30000 of local and outside funding,
  • and using some of our reserves,
  • …..and a lot of blood, sweat and tears!

….we are making good progress transforming the village hall.

This is the story so far. Two years ago, we knew our electricity bill was getting out of control with a potential impact on hall hire rates, the ticket price of events, and on the village bar. In the last financial year our bill rose to just over £6000. The hall was about to become loss making and eat into the reserves which so many people had worked so hard to create.

So we decided to get solar panels. That’s when the “fun” started…….

  • In a conservation area, solar panels need planning permission.
  • On a listed building yes, you guessed it – listed building consent is needed.
  • Solar panels are heavy – over a ton – that means getting a structural survey.
  • An asbestos survey was recommended – so we got one.
  • The structural survey revealed some very lightweight wooden beams – not strong enough to support 40 solar panels.
  • We got some quotes to strengthen the roof – 5 enormous steel beams were needed.
  • Oh yes we needed building control approval for that….
  • We had to close the hall for two weeks to get the beams installed. They are now in.
  • The hall had two power supplies – no good connecting solar to just one. Rob Biddle did some great (Voluntary!) work in his free time to connect the two supplies together.
  • We had to get the electrical system upgraded so it was safe to connect the solar panels. Yes Rob Biddle stepped in again!
  • A connection certificate had to be obtained from National Grid ….

THEN….And only then was the hall ready for the solar panels.

  • we bought 40
  • an inverter
  • and a battery
  • and they were finally installed on 8th March 2024

Let’s hope the sun shines…😀 We’ve got more to do to tune the system but ultimately we hope to save half the current electricity bill for up to the 40 year life of the panels.

Thanks again to everyone who gave a donation or has supported the village hall in other ways.

There will be some more news about great progress on the kitchen (thanks to John Rapson especially and his band of willing volunteers including Jackie, Rob and Noel!) and on the electric vehicle chargers in the months to come.

Why not come down and take a look? We’ll show you what we’ve done.

One Life cinema poster

One Life

One Life, the excellent Anthony Hopkins in the film is showing at the Rural Cinema, 25th April. Starts 7.30pm.  Tickets on the night £5.00. Why not book for dinner at the Village Bar beforehand?

Watch the trailer here: One Life Trailer

Ball with number lot

Please Join the Village Lottery!

This is your Last Chance To Join The 100 Club for 2024/25

If you are not yet a member, or have yet to rejoin, please contact Tony on 01386 840696 or  The cost remains at £12 per number FOR THE WHOLE YEAR, which gives the holder a chance of a monthly cash prize  whilst supporting the village hall.

Weston Sub Edge CCTV launch presentation


Article written by Cotswold District Council Jan 2024

Cameras have been installed throughout Weston Sub-Edge with the help of the Cotswold Community Safety Partnership to deter crime and reassure residents.

After a series of car thefts and break-ins, residents were feeling worried about their safety and brought their concerns to the Parish Council.

Cotswold District Council, as part of the Cotswold Community Safety Partnership, allocated the Parish Council £8,300 to bring their CCTV proposal to life using funding from the Home Office’s Safer Streets Fund which is awarded through Gloucestershire’s Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Cllr Lisa Spivey, Cabinet Member for Communities and Public Safety, said, “I’m so pleased that the District Council have been able to make this happen through the Safer Streets Fund. It is definitely a worthwhile project that will help residents feel safe in their village.

“The Safer Streets Fund is so important to enable us to support our residents and ensure our communities feel safe. Thank you to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for securing this funding, it really will make a huge difference to funding projects across our district!”

Weston Sub-Edge Parish Council put together the proposal for CCTV throughout the village to help reassure residents and deter crime.

The CCTV was installed at the end of last year and is now up and running smoothly. Weston Sub-Edge now has multiple high definition CCTV cameras dotted around the village along with ANPR technology. If any crimes are caught on the cameras, they will be reported to the Police to deal with appropriately. A launch event was held for the village on 18 January 2024.

Find out more and watch the video here : CCTV installed in rural Cotswolds after a series of car thefts and break-ins

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