Village Fete Update

Report from Frankie Haydon

I have enormous pleasure in attaching the Fete takings for last Saturday….. as you all know it was a bit of a struggle when presented with forked lighting, torrential rain and hail stones!,  A HUGE thank you for keeping going and sticking it out.  We have made an amazing total of just under £1200 on the day and with the donations already received we made just over £1500, and after expenses just under the £1500.  

THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU…..  for all you did.   As you can see all the stalls together provided great entertainment and kept the people there, even when most sane people should have stayed at home in the warm!  All the stalls did really well and took about the same as last year, and, big or small they soon add up to one great big successful day.

2017 Total   Expences  
BBQ £-     Bouncy Castle £70.00
Bric a Brac £77.70   Lucky Dip Prizes £13.00
Bonus Ball £96.00      
Plants/Produce £169.15      
Teas and Cake £32.00      
Raffle £143.05      
Lucky Number £116.00      
Tombola £125.50      
Skittles £27.00      
Cakes £69.40      
Aunt Sally £28.10      
Flower Show £13.70      
Clothes £102.50      
Books £39.70      
Football £24.90      
Welly Wanging £21.90      
Pony Rides £9.00      
Youth Club £-        
Golf Umberella £19.00      
Guess Weight £26.00      
Bouncy Castle £21.20      
Face Painting £-        
Feed the Alien £5.70      
Lucky Dip £26.00      
Roll a Penny £-        
Shapes £2.60      
Sub Total £1,196.10      
Donations £380.00      
Total £1,576.10     £83.00
Grand Total   £1,493.10