Flood Protection

Fortunately the village survived the two recent periods of excessive rainfall without flooding, although it  was a “close run thing” overnight and early morning on 13/14 November.

This demonstrated that the effort put in and the work done, post 2007 floods, has been effective in protecting the village.

However, the events were a timely reminder of the LEGAL necessity for all riparian owners to discharge their responsibilities to maintain watercourses etc as detailed in the link below.
Note there was a significant amount of heavy debris washed down Coombe Brook with the potential to cause major obstruction to the water flow. In addition, many of the drainage ditches from the fields around the village require clearance and maintenance to ensure water flow from the ditches into the drainage systems.

The Parish Council requests that all riparian owners discharge their responsibilities in the interest of keeping the village free of flooding in the future.

Click here to see riparian legal responsibilities