Burglary and car theft in Weston-sub-Edge

A burglary has taken place in the Weston-sub-Edge area.

On 19/01/21 burglars forced entry through a kitchen window, once inside the offenders took the keys to a high powered vehicle, which they have subsequently stolen.

Please remain vigilant. Burglars look for opportunities where the rewards outweigh the risks.

Reduce and take away their opportunities by making sure you think WIDE

W = Window Locks,
I = Indoor lights and timer switches
D= Double or deadbolts fitted to doors
E = Exterior Lights on a sensor.

Is your back garden secure? Install strong fencing and gates. Keep gates locked securely. Make it difficult to climb fences, by considering trellis and spiky plants.

Increase the visibility to your entrances & exits, stop the view being obstructed. Burglars don’t want to be seen.

Close & lock windows, burglars could reach in whilst you are in the next room. Ensure your most important valuables cannot be seen from outside, if left on view this can be tempting to a burglar. Including vehicle keys.

Sheds, Garages & garden items. Use and upgrade good gold standard locks. Consider installing alarms. Don’t leave wheelie bins out the front of your home, it offers burglars help to access your fence areas. Tools & heavy items, please put them away. Don’t give the burglar the opportunity to use as tools to enter your home.

Use forensic marking liquids on your property. Popular brands include SelectaDNA & SmartWater.

Install external CCTV or a digital doorbell. These devices capture evidence and can be circulated amongst Police Colleagues and the public.

Where available make use of the vehicle security available such as Trackers.

Please remember if you should see someone acting suspiciously in your area please report to police on 101.

In an emergency please call 999.