About the Village Bar

Becky White is the village bar licensee operating under an occupational licence from the Village Hall Trustees (charity no. 267532) who are the Licensors.

The purpose of the Bar is to provide a relaxing and safe environment for the residents and visitors to Weston-sub-Edge. All are  welcome and you do not need to be a “club member” to use the bar amenities.

The Licensors have a premises licence which covers the total properties held in trust both inside and outside.

Children are welcome, but we do ask that they are supervised at all times especially as there is an unfenced brook, trees, fire escape and other objects which may seem attractive pieces of play equipment. Also, we ask parents to ensure children are not in the bar area after 9pm.  Children 12 and under are excluded from using the full sized snooker table and those over12 can only play when supervised full time by an adult (over 18).

The licensees run the bar as their own business and are entitled to exclude anyone they feel is disruptive. The Trustees will totally support any decisions they make.

The Village Hall Charity does take a small income from the bar by charging rent for the use of the premises and a small percentage of the turnover.   This is important revenue that enables the Hall to continue to function in providing the many activities for the community as well as allowing villagers to rent the hall for a modest fee. You are supporting the Hall charity by using the Village Bar.